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  • Morgans Vale & Woodfalls Village Hall Posted on 29 May 2016

    Your Village Hall needs You!

    The Morgans Vale & Woodfalls Village Hall is rented out over 400 times per year, mostly by people from within the Parish. In other words, many of you will have been in the Hall (even if it was only to vote!). This shows that the Hall is a valuable community asset, used by many of us, and it would be a disaster if it were no longer available. To continue to function, the Hall needs the following:

    Management Committee
    We currently need a Minutes Secretary – this involves attending the committee meetings which are held in the Hall on the 3rd Monday of each month at 6.00pm for roughly 1 hour, taking the minutes, typing them up and emailing them to each committee member. Time taken each month – 2 hours

    Committee Members

    This involves attending meetings and helping out whenever you can. We run various events where the Hall needs tables & chairs put out (and returned) e.g. Film Night, Skittles, Quiz night etc. There are perhaps 6 of these events during the year and you would help out whenever you felt able to do so. Time taken 1 hour each month and a further 2 hours whenever you were able to help out with an event

    Fund Raising Events
    The Hall needs to hold these events to be sure of being able to maintain the Hall building and surrounds at their current high standard. We generally run about 6 of these each year, many of them “standard” events.
    We are looking for one person (or a group of people) to select an event which interests them and run that event in the Village Hall once a year. The standard events include Quiz Night, Skittles, and Film Night. We are sure you will find this to be fun, enjoyable and satisfying, having provided a social event for the community.

    If we are unable to generate these additional funds via fund raising, we shall have no option but to review our current Hall rental prices to ensure that we have sufficient funds to cover one-off capital expenses which arise from time to time.

    I do hope you can help us support the future of the Village Hall, the clubs and the community who use it.

    We will be happy to discuss this in more detail and I look forward to hearing from you

    Click for Photo GalleryWith kind regards and many thanks

    Richard Bathurst        
    Treasurer, Morgans Vale & Woodfalls Village Hall
    Cheriton House, Grove Lane, Redlynch, Salisbury SP5 2NR
    Tel: 01725 512582
    E Mail:

    Registered charity No. 900461


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