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  • Armed Forces Day 2019 Posted on 20 May 2019

    Armed Forces Day will be celebrated in Salisbury City Centre and at Hudson's Field on June 28th 29th & 30th

    At last, some information is becoming available regarding the Armed forces Day to be celebrated this year in Salisbury.  As accurately as possible the following details cover the event.

    There will be a military parade on Saturday the 29th in Salisbury City Centre.  This will commence at 10:00.  The Standards of the Royal British Legion and Regimental Association Colours will be included on this parade. A member of the Royal Family will be in attendance.  

    A drumhead church service will be held on Hudson's Field on the 30th.  It is expected this will be available to all, including all veterans and members of the Royal British Legion.  Hudson's Field will be the centre of the exciting attractions and events for the weekend.  There will be every possible attraction and activity taking place on the field.

    The admission is free.  However as visitors are expected to be many, an entrance by ticket system has been introduced.  Tickets are available for the day(s) required,

    More details on all events taking place can be found on:

    Thank you all for your support.  


    Bill Maddy

    The Royal British Legion
    Morgan’s Vale, Woodfall’s & Redlynch Branch



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